Frequently Asked Questions

Where are your products made?

Our products are formulated, tested and manufactured right here in the United States. Creating our product out of country was not even an option for us. Being in the nutrition industry for decades, we know what happens “behind closed doors” and there was no way we were allowing those shenanigans to be a part of our production.

Where are your products stored?

All products ordered directly from HHP are stored in climate and humidity controlled rooms. For most of our products, stability at different temperatures is not really a big issue, but why leave it to chance? It costs us a couple extra bucks but it is what we believe in and you should demand from your nutrition.

Do you test your products?

All products are tested on site. Batches are testing all the way through production to make sure there are no impurities and quantities of ingredients are just right. We routinely send products through our “proving grounds” where we send beta samples to our strategic partners and to some other lucky folks on our email list

What is NSF Certification?

NSF Certification is a third-part certification process in which facilities undergo inspection to meet strict standards and procedural methods imposed by NSF.

It is not a “one-time” event and our manufacturing facility is subject to unannounced inspections that analyses every aspect of product development.

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Are all your products NSF Certified?

The NSF Certification emblem will be on the back of our bottles that have received certification.  Not all of Human Health & Performance’s products are NSF certified or “listed.”  This is not to say those that do not carry the NSF label are held to lesser standards or contain poorer quality ingredients.  NSF is not all encompassing and certain ingredients do not fall into their regulatory realm thus certification is not possible at this time.  All of our product manufacturing on all of our products meets or exceeds cGMP (Current Good Manufacturing Practice) that is enforced by the Food and Drug Administration.

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