I took 2 capsules on my way to work.  I was able to get more done in the first 2 hours of work that day then I ever have in a half day!  No jitters or feeling antsy–love this stuff!

Brett, NJ

I am liking the supplement so far.  I would happily promote this to my patients for both pre-workout and focus

Chad, Florida

This stuff is great.  Ton of energy and focus- love it for my workouts.  On a side note, I am having more vivid dreams.

Matt, NJ

I take a lot of supplements. I’ve been taking pre workouts for 2 years now at lest 5 times a week and drink 48oz. minimum of coffee a day. Definitely felt super focused on the product. I had a great pump and energy to complete over 2 hrs of of training!

John, MD

I’m really picky about pre-workouts, I don’t like my performance hindered by too much heart rate and itchy skin.  This was perfect [I was] alert and focused.

Melissa, Florida