It all started with a Google chat message...

“I have a patient looking for a pre-workout that works and doesn’t have a lot of junk in it.” - Dr. Brett

The response: “I do not know of any…” - Dr. J

“We should make one…” -Dr. J

It all started with a Google chat message…

“I have a patient looking for a pre-workout that works and doesn’t have a lot of junk in it.” – Dr. Brett

The response: “I do not know of any…” – Dr. J

“We should make one…” -Dr. J

That was it!  At first it seemed like a silly idea.  We asked ourselves, “how many more supplement companies can there be?” After a moment of silence over the phone it hit us!  There really aren’t that many supplement companies. Wait what do you mean? Most companies out there are actually marketing firms that use supplements as a way to turn a profit.  We wanted to form a company that put quality above all else and create a product that spoke for itself.

Remember those days when a product was so good that there was no need for fancy marketing, just a solid idea turned into a quality product that spread by word of mouth?  In fact, a while back you had to have a solid product or your company would flop.  Nowadays with social media and ease of getting recognized it appears that most efforts and finances are put into the perception of quality, yet the end product rarely delivers.

Human Health and Performance, LLC (HHP) was founded by 3 friends, two of which are full-time doctors and researchers, whose passion to help people drove them into the sports performance industry.  Seems counterintuitive, right?  Why concentrate on a group of people who are already being proactive with their health?  Well, a quick look at the products being promoted and consumed by athletes and the answer was simple, they are full of: cheap fillers, artificial sweeteners and flavorings, cheap and/or poor forms of vitamins and minerals. These products in many cases are more harmful than helpful!  It was almost criminal what we saw being consumed in the marketplace.  For decades previous to forming HHP, we were even subjected to these products experiencing heart palpitations, headaches, flushing, nausea and stomach aches just to name a few symptoms.  We saw ourselves and our friends spending hard earned money on some of these products that were, quite frankly, more harmful than good.

It has taken over 4 years to create HHP’s current line of products.  Those years were spent researching raw materials, ingredients combinations and suppliers. We have even gone as far as physically visiting manufacturing facilities to make sure we weren’t going to fall victims of clever marketing ourselves.  We wanted a product line that was not only formulated in the USA, but also manufactured here.  Every ingredient needed to have a purpose, with safety and health promotion being the priority. Stay tuned as we continue to push the envelope in sports nutrition in an effort, not only to deliver quality and effective products, but also in hopes the entire industry levels up!

We are excited to share our passion of research and science with you through our products.


Our Promise

Our promise to you is to always, without compromise, provide you with the highest quality, clinical strength nutrition! 
  • Quality 100%
  • Integrity 100%
  • Clinical Strength 100%